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TBC Code of Conduct

Although we will compete hard, we will compete fairly and respectfully with our opponents. 
Coaches, athletes, parents and spectators must recognize that their conduct plays an important 
role is establishing the reputation of our team and organization. Our positive actions will 
contribute directly to the success of our teams. 
Qualified judges/officials are assigned to all games, competitions, etc. They are the authorities 
to make decisions regarding the rules, regulations and their interpretations. Although we may 
not always agree, these decisions should be respected and accepted. Judges/officials should 
be treated with respect at all times on and off the field or court. 
Sportsmanship includes being appreciative of all good performances by both our team and the 
opponents. Cheer for our team, not against the opponent. 
Coaches/Advisors: Shall be responsible for their own actions and those of their team 
members. They shall be responsible to notify their team members’ parents and spectators of 
the Code of Conduct and penalties. 
Coaches, Advisors, Team Members and Supporters are to refrain from unsportsmanlike 
conduct, including but not limited to: 
1. Abusive language 
2. Vulgar language 
3. Unsportsmanlike conduct towards all players, cheerleaders, coaches, advisors, judges, 
parents, etc. Taunting opposing team members 
4. Use of anything as a weapon 
5. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol during team event including but not limited 
to competitions, practices, games or other events) 
Any player, cheerleader, coach, advisor, team parent or spectator involved in any form of 
physical contact (pushing, shoving, hitting, etc.) will be removed from the game or event. Action 
may be taken against an individual or team due to unruly coaches, advisors, players, 
cheerleaders or parents, including but not limited to: 
1. Lose of points/Penalties 
2. Disqualification 
3. Removal from event (team and/or individual) 
4. Suspension from future events (team and/or individual)

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