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Rules and Regulations



·       Helmet with cage

·       Gloves

·       Elbow pads

·       Shin pads

·       Cup

No player will be allowed on the rink without all proper equipment.  If a player is caught playing without any of the equipment listed above, play will be stopped and that player will be required to leave the rink.  That player can return if the missing equipment is obtained.

waiver-activity-release-form torresdale hockey league.pdf

Attention All Parents, You MUST Complete this Form in order to PLAY, No Exceptions!!! 
Please bring to the Rink and Give to your Coach before the First Game.



The bench closest to the scoreboard is the HOME team bench.

During the playoffs, the highest seed is the home team.


All games will be three 15-minute periods with a running clock.

The clock stops at each whistle during the last 2 minutes of the third period if the score differential is 3 goals or less.


Regular season: If the score is tied at the end of three periods, the winner will be determined by a shootout.

Shootout rules

·       Each team selects three shooters. Teams will alternate shooting and the team with the most goals after three shooters will be the winner

·       If the score is still tied after three shooters, a sudden death rule will apply.  Each team will shoot once until a winner is determined. 

·       No player can make a second shootout attempt until all players on the team have made an attempt.

Playoffs:  If the score is tied at the end of three periods, the winner will be determined by sudden death overtime play.  Overtime periods will be 15-minutes with a running clock.  The first team to score in overtime is the winner.


The RED LINE at center court will determine offside.  A player cannot cross the center line to enter the offensive zone before the ball.  If the ball is cleared across the red line into the opposite zone, all players must leave the offensive zone before the ball can be re-entered and played by the offensive team.  Normal delayed offside rules will apply.


Icing will be called if the ball is cleared by the defense from below the face-off dots and the ball crosses the opposite team’s goal line without entering the net.


Each team may use one timeout during regulation time. 

Each team may use one timeout during overtime (playoffs only).


If the net moves from it’s regular position, the referee may allow play to continue while the defense controls the ball, and replace the net to it’s regular position.  If the offense controls the ball, play will be stopped.


A game will be considered complete if two full periods have been played.  If less than two periods have been played, the game will be suspended and the remaining time will be played at a later date.


If a team has a 7-goal lead, that team will play with 4 players. 

If a team has lead of 8 goals or more, that team will play with 3 players.

·       If the leading team commits a penalty, a penalty shot will be awarded to the other team.


The highest seeded team will play the lowest seeded team in each playoff round.


All face-offs will be in the offensive zone circle of the non-penalized team.

Minor penalties: All normal hockey minor penalty rules will apply.  All minor penalties will be 2 minutes in length.  Power play expires after two minutes or a goal scored by the team on the power play, whichever comes first. 

Additional minor penalty rules:

·       Sliding will be a 2-minute penalty.  A player cannot take a running start and slide for any reason.

·       Closing the hand on the ball will be a 2-minute penalty.  A player cannot catch the ball, or pick up the ball with a closed hand at any time.

·       Attempting to play the ball with the stick raised above the player’s shoulders will be a 2-minute penalty, regardless if the player touches the ball or not.

·       Three minor penalties by one player in a game is an automatic ejection of that player.

If coincidental minor penalties are called, manpower will remain the same.  If two unrelated penalties are called on the same whistle, both teams will lose one player in manpower.

Major penalties:  (Boarding, intent to injure) All major penalties will result in a 3-minute penalty plus ejection of the offending player.  Power play will be a full three minutes, regardless of goals scored by the team on the power play.

·       The second ejection of a player will be a one-game suspension

·       The third ejection of a player will be expulsion from the league.

·       Fighting: First occurrence by a player will be a major penalty and ejection from the game.  Second occurrence by a player will be a major penalty and automatic expulsion from the league.

Cursing at a referee is an automatic 10-minute misconduct.

Abusive coaches/spectators: Any coaches or spectators who curse at or verbally abuse referees will be ejected from the rink.  Refusal to leave the rink within five minutes will result in a forfeit.

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